Goldfield's Hotel and Finnigan's Rest

Forsayth Events

2016 Events

Plug these dates into your diary, grab some friends and come and have some fun:

Forsayth Events:

  • Forsayth Turnout 6th August
  • Tusk and Toad  1-2 October (October Long Weekend)
  • Forsayth Horse Sports 1 October

Regional Events:

  • Easter@Einasleigh  (25-27th March)
  • Outback Rock & Blues, Undara Experience (22-24th April)
  • Georgetown Rodeo (24-25th June)
  • Oak Park Races  (Early July)
  • Forsayth Turnout (6th August)
  • Forsayth Tusk & Toad and Horse Sports (Long Weekend 1-2nd October)
  • Flat Creek Finch Count (1-2nd October)
  • Opera in the Outback, Undara Experience  (6-8th October)
  • Einasleigh Horse Sports (10-11th Dec)
  • Bushman’s Ball, Georgetown (New Years Eve)